Educational Summer Camps


When campers from any background visit Earth Mountain, the distractions of their lives are left at the trailhead, and they experience natural simplicity. Through self-discovery and hands-on experience, they realize the integral role they play in their community and environment.


Earth Mountain Education Farm offers campers fun and meaningful experiences in four ways:


Awareness through self-discovery

Campers become aware of the systems, elements, and creatures in their environment – exploring a rock garden on a ridge in the Sangre de Cristo mountains or examining a ladybug larvae in the greenhouse. An awareness of their environment teaches them about their own biology and behaviors.



Independence through challenge

Milking a goat for the first time or being a part of a building project using recycled materials can be challenging. Through guided experiences and accomplishment, challenge grows into empowerment. 0630171308a


Social Responsibility through community

Every camper is responsible for their chores and part in the group projects. Working as a community demonstrates the importance of each others’ role and the benefit of cooperation. Campers form a community and learn to work together.



Stewardship through intimacy with nature

After lunch and the projects, campers clean-up, put away tools, and adopt a “leave no trace” sense of responsibility to the environment. A connection to their environment is a significant indicator of the stewardship we can expect from future generations.




Typical first day camp schedule


9am Opening Circle at Little Boulder Trailhead – Interpretive Hike to Basecamp

10am Orientation to farm and staff

10:30am  Interactive activity – Natural Building, Herbalism, Woodcarving, Farming and Agriculture, Animal Care, Wilderness Medicine, Primitive Skill Building, Environmental Science, Permaculture

12:30pm Lunch –  Make pizzas from scratch: harvest toppings from the gardens, and bake in the Horno Clay Oven

1pm Free Play

2pm Finish Projects

4pm Farm chores: sign-up and demonstration

5:30pm Dinner, clean-up and chores

7pm Introduction to Independent projects: woodworking and other crafts

9pm Fire Circle



$40 per day/per student | Group rates and scholarship funding available!

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