What the campers are saying:

“I became closer to a lot of people…I was able to take my mind off of some things and focus on more important things…Everyone was so sweet and caring and lovely…I am so calm and happy here. Honestly, it is great for me.”

“I’m really sad to be leaving Earth Mountain and such an amazing experience behind…I learned that one person/family can make a huge difference in the ways that we impact the world. I learned that I, myself can live more simply at home…I felt as though I was part of a real system of living and that by being a part of this community, I made a difference. I already miss this place.”

“The past four days at Earth Mountain Farm will be an experience I will always remember…I had never stayed on a farm for more than a few hours and it was a lot different than I had imagined, but that turned out to be a good thing. I really enjoyed the freedom of choice…which allowed me to do things I wanted to do as well as exploring new things and concepts.”

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