The Growing Healthy Initiative

The Growing Healthy Initiative is a broad-based initiative to inspire healthy lifestyle choices through the creation of on-site gardens and environmental education.  It was spearheaded in 2011 with the development of three on-site garden spaces throughout the community and continues creating positive social change.

“The Living Classroom” at Trinidad High School

A botany elective was integrate into the school curriculum in 2011. The class focused on the design and creation of the applied science room. The students surpassed their expectations of the project in creating a space that has two running streams, a pond sustaining a variety of animals and plants, fruit trees, a wetland area and more. The school as a whole has been inspired by watching the growth and development of this space.

"The Living Classroom" Project at Trinidad High School

“The Living Classroom” Project at Trinidad High School

“The Kids’ Garden” at World of Discovery Day Care Center

Earth Mountain’s staff educated day care center employees  and parents to co-create the garden.   The day care center uses this garden to supplement meals and teach the kids about plants, food, and gardening.


“The Education Garden” at Trinidad State Junior College

Earth Mountain staff worked with 15 students from a local Catholic school, and college staff, to develop the Trinidad State Junior College Education Garden.  Today the garden is utilized as a staff and student community growing space, for hands-on workshops and applied science for college students.

Spring Planting at "The Education Garden"

Spring Planting at “The Education Garden”

“The Community Composting Program”

Earth Mountain has partnered with local Girl Scout troops and Terra Firma Recycling to create a community composting service at a point location to offset landfill deposits and create a resource for gardening soil.


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